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Product Design

The biggest challenge companies face today is not designing new and innovative products but, rather, getting those products to the marketplace in the shortest time possible. The success or failure is directly proportional to the speed with which you can beat your competition to the market. Our design department, staffed with the most skillful and experienced individuals and equipped with the latest hardware and software, has the capabilities to ensure your ideas are transformed into products quickly and efficiently.

Our design staff is made up of not only design engineers but also mold-makers, mold designers and product designers. This combination of knowledge and experience gives our design department the depth and skill level to make even the most difficult project seem effortless.

Key Benefits
  • Design engineers with many years experience in mold-making, product design and CAD/CAM systems.
  • High-speed file transfer capabilities.
  • Latest versions of Pro/Engineer®, Pro/Mold® and many other CAD/CAM software.
  • Ability to use files in any format (Auto CAD, Surfcam, PRO/E, Cadkey, Solid Models, etc.)
  • ISO-9001 certified system to assure quality output.